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Totley War Memorial WW1 1914-1918 | Index

Totley War Memorial
EnlargeTotley War Memorial

Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension - see Colin Hedley Bishop
Cambrai Memorial - see Tom Brown Fisher
Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension - see Roy Denzil Pashley Milner
Dore Christ Church - see James Parker
Mendinghem Military Cemetery - see Albert Pinder
New Irish Farm Cemetery - see Charles and Bernard Turner
Pieta Military Cemetery - see Robert Hugh Martin
Queens Cemetery Bucquoy - see Charles and Bernard Turner
St John's Abbeydale War Memorial - see Colin Hedley Bishop, Herbert Allan Hill, James William Green, Robert Hugh Martin, Albert Pinder
Thiepval Memorial - see James William Green
Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension - see Herbert Allan Hill

St John's Abbeydale War Memorial
EnlargeSt John's Abbeydale War Memorial

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